On the third Saturday of the Month, there is a Bowling Pin Shoot. This has a changing format.

On the second Saturday of the Month, there is  Paper Pistol Shoots.

Every month there are classic rifle matches in Centerfire and Rimfire. Check calendar for days but usually on the fourth Saturday of any month.


MRGC has hosted many other matches such as Garand Matches, Steel Challenge Style and 200 Yard Plate shoots.

Work Days

We are a non-profit organization which to keep dues down has the vast majority of maintenance done by members. We have several work days through out the years to keep our facilities in order and looking good.

In Oct 2015, a bylaw was added that requires all members to provide 4 hours of service. We would like all members to come to at least one work day or contribute in some way to the operation of this club even in the smallest ways.

If you are physically unable, please email the President and ask to be excused. No doctor note required.

If you just can't make workdays (we understand how busy you are), then you can buy off that time for $50. We will use that money to buy materials or hire contractors.


MRGC plans various events through out the year to open its doors to visitors and show appreciation to members.

Date will be on calendar if events are being held. If you would like to volunteer to help, please email


  • Appleseed Clinics (Multiple in Year)
  • Take Your Daughter to the Range Day
  • NRA Day
  • Members Appreciation Cookouts
  • Sights in Days
  • General Open House

Bowling Pin Shoot

3rd Saturday of every month starting at 10:30

A super fun social time that kids love. This ever changing format shoot uses pistols (and some times rifles and shotguns - check the calendar!) to knock down bowling pins or other targets.  The following match formats are most common:

1.) Quick Draw is a timed event where you try to shoot down 5 pins as fast as you can.

2.) Baker's Dozen is a game of steady hands and strategy as you shoot at 13 bowling pins at different distances which worth different points and you only have 12 shots.

3.) 2 gun and 3 gun matches use pistol and rifles and shotguns to hit pins and other targets.

Paper Pistol Shoot

2nd Saturday of every month

90 round shoot on paper targets at 25 yards

This is one of the best ways to improve your pistol shooting and actual track results.

Most times, there is a centerfire only 50 round pistol match following the 90 round match where 22lr is king.

Rifle Matches

Rifle Matches are shot in 3 positions. Due to fixed shooting tables, prone is replaced with off your elbows on the table. Sitting is done rapid and slow fire. Each rifle match day has a centerfire and a rimfire match following. Centerfire (Target is NRA's SR-1) is 20 rounds @ 100 yards for score and Rimfire (CMP's B-19) is 50 rounds @ 50 yards for score. Sighters are allowed so bring extra ammo.