Our Club is run by an elected President and Vice-President who conduct the business of the club. The president appoints other positions as he sees fit such as Maintenance Directors, Match Directors, and Range Officers.


Meetings to discuss club business occur the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the business office located at 788 Walnut Street, Suite 3, Macon GA.

Primary Rules

  • Do not bring trash or rubbish to shoot at the range.
  • Do not shoot at the posts holding the target wires.
  • Remember to repair the target holding wire if shot down.
  • Do not use tape to attach targets or target backers to the wire.
  • Members and Guests must wear membership badge and guest pass at all times.
  • Remember to use "Hot" and "Cold" range protocols. Wait until the range is hot to remove or handle firearms.

Our governing documents

Official MRGC_CONSTITUTION Rev Nov 2019.
Adobe Acrobat Document 168.7 KB

Official MRGC_BYLAWS Rev Nov 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 260.3 KB

Marion Road Rules.pdf
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