National Rifle League 22 Rimfire Matches

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We accept payments for match fees via STRIPE, a payment service contracted by  We offer a $5 discount on match fees when participants register and pay via Practiscore and STRIPE.

The goal of the NRL22 is to make Precision Rifle shooting more available to every community. The NRL22 understands that the shooting community is fascinated with Precision Rifle, but most localities are not fortunate enough to have a 1000-yard range. However, nearly all localities have access to 100-yard ranges and most shooters own a 22 rifle. The monthly course of fire, NRL22 Standard Target Package and standard barricades are all intended to be turnkey solutions to simple, fun and affordable Precision Rifle matches. Local clubs may use and submit scores for the monthly courses of fire to compete with the entire country. Additionally, local club’s Match Directors are encouraged to run supplemental courses of fire as well. We recommend tailoring additional courses of fire to the taste of your shooters. Longer ranges, more complicated barricades, run and gun, easier or harder additional courses of fire are just a few ways that you can expand your matches. Please share your creativity with the NRL22 community, as it just may show up in next month’s course of fire for the entire country to shoot! Have fun, stay safe, and if ever there was an opportunity to take a kid shooting, THIS IS IT!!!

2023 Rules

Click on the photo above to download the official rules from the NRL-22 org's website.

2023 Matches

The photo link above will take you to the published match materials for this season.  Everything you need to know to practice for an upcoming match is found there.


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