Membership application

To apply to Marion Road Gun Club, download the application.  Fill it out and mail it to the address on the application with a copy of your driver's license and payment for dues and fees. Then come to a New Member Orientation where you learn about the facilities and safety rules. After that you are free to use the range. It is held on the 3rd Saturday at 9:00 a.m. sharp, almost every month (email notices are sent prior to each session). 


Questions about Orientation

MRGC Application Form Feb 2022.pdf
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Fee Structure

Initiation Fee: $100

Annual Dues: $200 (18+)

Junior Annual Dues: $20 (<18) Background check/initiation fees do not apply

Criminal Background Check: $20

No Background Fees for (Current) Georgia Weapons License holders

(proration of dues begins with July of any year. You would pay the remainder of the current year plus all of the next calendar year's dues upon joining.  Example: Joining in July 2020 means you would pay dues of $100 for the remainder of 2020 plus annual dues for 2021. Your membership would be valid until Jan 1, 2022.)


Annual Work Requirement

There is a 4 hour annual work requirement for those who are physically able. If you don't have time, you can buy the time for $50 which will help us buy materials or hire contractors when we do not have the skill sets/tools to perform certain tasks on the property.  Work days are a good opportunity to meet other club members that you might not know!


Watch this testimonial video from members talking about why they love MRGC


Club membership expires on Dec 31st of every year. Please renew your membership by mailing payment to Post Office Box 777 Macon, Georgia 31202 with your name and membership number from your ID card. Please include your contact info: address, phone number, and email. If we don't have your current contact information we may send your sticker and new gate combo to the wrong address or may not be able to alert you to temporary range closures for maintenance and development work.