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several items for trade! looking for 9mm brass!

Name: Mike Maffeo


Phone: 478-718-6509


I will trade 45ACP or 223 Remington or 40 S&W brass  or Sierra Matchking 223 bullets for 9mm brass!!!!

Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit

Mike Hilden


I will met you at the range to set up and test the Chrono before you buy

For Sale $100.00 (Cash) Good condition

Caldwell® Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit contains everything you need to capture reliable velocity data in one convenient kit. Includes Chronograph, IR LED Light Kit, Tripod and Custom Carry Case that conveniently holds all items. The Ballistic Precision Chronograph provides accurate velocity measurements across a wide range of shooting conditions. Higher accuracy was achieved by using a high speed 48 MHz processor and by designing a circuit with an advanced data interface that allows each unit to be computer calibrated at the factory after assembly. The end result is the ability to provide much better accuracy than other chronographs on the market (+/- .25%). Although technologically advanced, the unit is designed to be simple to operate, displaying velocity in feet per second or meters per second on the large built in LCD screen. The Chrono can also deliver the shot string velocity data through the 15′ foot audio jack cable (included) to an smartphone or mobile device. A free App is available for download that displays the velocity of each shot on the phone screen and records it with other data identifying the load and environmental conditions. The app also automatically calculates Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Min, Max and Velocity Spread for the shot string. The data is stored and can be exported via email or simply recalled for reference at a later date. The sunshades are extra wide for better reliability on sunny days and are constructed of a durable synthetic material. Measures from 5 to 9,999 FPS. There is a ¼-20 threaded insert on bottom of housing for tripod mounting, operates on a 9 Volt battery (not included).



Springfield XDM 40 cal.  $475.00

Contact member Mike Harkless



Phone: 478-955-9505

Barreled Action for Sale .270 Winchester

I want to sell a barreled action. It's a 1909 Argentine Mauser that's been customized in the white. Has a 24" Douglas barrel in .270 Win. It's only been test fired by my gunsmith. 

Probably best to email or text.

Cell 478-738-8775


Asking $1,100.00

Have $1,857.00 in the project. Plus a lot of man hours invested!

fund raising items for sale!

I will be listing many items for sale over the next few weeks so that MRGC can raise funds from donated materials to complete the second pistol bay.  All monies raised by this effort will be used only for range improvements. I have many firearms, lots of ammunition (including some hard to find), parts, magazines, holsters, bags, etc.  If you want to purchase anything you see listed in this ad, contact Kyle Turner by email at or call me at 415.572.7801.



For sale is a nice condition Norinco Tokarev 213, 9mm pistol with two magazines. It is about 90% condition with no rust or pitting anywhere.  $225 - Contact

Large Lot of Reloading/Casting Supplies For Sale!

A club member has a large lot of reloading supplies and equipment for sale (a lifetime collection).  There are some hard to find moulds, dies and sizers here as well as two Star presses.  The images below list most of the items for sale. If you have questions about anything or are interested in buying some of these items, please contact Joe at cell: (214) 676-7016.

used excellent Pelican 0370 model cases for sale

I have 4 large Pelican 0370 transport or storage cases for sale. These were used by a marketing company to transport computers and monitors to customer interview sites. They have been stored in a carport and not exposed to sun or rain. They are in excellent condition and most of the foam is in place but has been configured for laptops, monitors, etc. Lots of foam still and you can reconfigure that. They have good intact seals if you need airtight storage.  These would be good for a hunt camp too.

The photo with the lid up shows the foam. The image is skewed, the case is not warped. The interior dimensions are 2' x 2' x 2'.


REDUCED! Proceeds used to restore power to the pistol pits and well pump.

I am asking $100 each picked up in Macon.

Call Kyle Turner (415) 572-7801 or email


Randall McCormick has some guns to sell.

North American Arms derringer 22lr 5 shot revolver, $150.00.

Please show DL and I'll need a bill of sale.

Call Randall 478-951-1410.   

Mossburg model 870 bolt action .17cal. rifle. With sight mark, sure sight reflex sight, 2 extra clips, and a sling. $250.00.

Call Randall 478-951-1410

David Lozano has some firearms for sale!

Member David Lozano has some firearms for sale on his home page. See the link for more information and pricing.


I have decided I have to sell some of my guns to help pay down some debt.  I am hoping that my fellow gun club members will go through my online list and pick out something they would like to own.  Any member can make offers for any of these guns.  You can look up each one and find the retail prices very easily.  It is my hope that my fellow gun club members will make a generous offer for guns they would like to purchase.  Keeping in mind you will be saving local sales tax, transfer fees, and shipping costs.


Guns for sale can be found sharing server space on my business website,  On the site, you can find a picture of each gun, asking prices and a few bullet (pun intended) descriptions.  I can be reached at: or phone/text 478-319-7107.  I would prefer to sell to people that have a carry permit already.  I will do a simple bill of sale as proof I sold the firearm.  I have a business merchant account so I can take credit cards but I cannot afford to take the hit on the 3% fee I have to pay, so we would have to add that to the price of the firearm if you have to use a credit card.  Some the guns will come in the original case and all will be sold with the original accessories.  If I do not have the original case, I will put it in an aftermarket case.  Please contact me if you have any questions.


I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this.  I appreciate each and every one of my fellow shooters and I hope that I can count on you to be generous with your offers for any of my firearms.




David A Lozano


Marion Road Gun Club member since 2014


Several items for sale

Ladies 38SPL &P model 8s ,Taurus Protector Poly 13/4" barrel ,pink and odd white body . Asking 250.$

Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag. single action revolver stainless steel hunter, fluted, 6 cyclinder, wood handle. 700.$

2 holster's, 1 western style for 44  mag 100.$ and 1 custom fast draw 44 mag 125. $

1box of 50, 44 mag 240 gr. soft flat point American eagle 40$

1box 50 gr. maxtec 44  33 $1box 50 44 mag180 gr. J.H P. p.m.c. bronze 25$.

2 boxes 40es 44mag 240 gr. jhp corbon hunter 23$ each


Contact Rodney Martin at: 

Kel-Tec PF-9, 9mm  concealed carry pistol for sale, like new in box


Kel-Tec PF-9, 9mm  concealed carry pistol for sale, like new in box.

Shot only 15 rounds with it.   Also - 85 rounds of ammo (43 JHP and 42 FMJ) plus 2 holsters (waistband and pocket).

Asking  $350.00   

Must have CCW  license and sign a bill of sale. Call Jack @ 478-361-4394 leave a voice mail.