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Changes on Multi-purpose Range (Dec 2017)

The firing line on the multipurpose range has been moved forward. New cover has been set up and all firing should take place from that point. This was done to reduce ricochets onto the adjacent property due to the slope of the range. Parking is allowed on the range.

Bylaw Change to add a 1/2 work commitment to membership requirements (October 2015)

As this Club grows and expands, more and more labor has been needed to keep the range operational and looking great. Until this time, the same small group of members (about 10% of the entire adult club membership) have been able to make all of these things happen. This year we have removed 25 tons of trash from the property, smoothed the parking lot, surveyed the property, set up steel targets on the pistol range, performed a controlled burn, installed signage, reset target wire posts, cleared tons of shrub and trees, repainted range structures, and many more tasks. A few individuals provide well over 150 hours a year to the service of this club including their own tools and heavy machinery.


Now we need everyone’s help to make this club even better. We already have work days where we ask for volunteers to come out and help and this small group comes when they can, but we need you too. If you can come out help us for a half day per a year (about 4 hours) that would be a huge help.  We could publish a budget of labor required to perform some long-standing (and short term needs) tasks on a an annualized schedule.  Instead of having a very few people working under the direction of a single person, we'd have multiple "project managers" tasked with organizing separate maintenance activities of small groups of volunteers on any work days.  This scaling up of improvements or clean-ups will make our club that much nicer in a shorter amount of time without the need for hiring a lot of contractors.  We just do not have the budget for that.  Remember that we are working with the same annual dues schedule we had in 2007 and all of our costs to operate have continually risen over the past 8 years. 


Your half day's service doesn’t just have to be these workdays so if you have specialized skills, let the President know your alternative idea for service such as running matches or special projects. We will provide medical exemptions to those unable to come help, but just know the Chief Range Officer is an 80 year old Marine.


The club members in attendance at the August business meeting proposed and approved unanimously a reading of the language to amend the bylaws of the club to require 4 hours of service from each adult member of the club annually.  The language was read and approved unanimously at the September business meeting and is published below in accordance with the club's bylaws, and a planned vote at the October business meeting will be conducted Tue Oct 20th 7pm at the American Legion Post 3, Thomaston Rd, Macon. This business meeting is open to all active club members and guests, although guests will not vote on this measure.


Proposed By-Law Addition

All adult members will be required to perform work for the club to total at least 4 hours in a calendar year. Most hours will be performed at periodic work days throughout the calendar year. Members can provide service in alternative ways such as professional services as approved by Club President. Members can also apply for a medical exemption through the President. If the member does not wish to perform service, they may pay $50 at time of renewal, or it will be charged in addition to next year’s dues

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