2022 Dates for Appleseeds and Pistol Seeds

Project Appleseed is a weekend rifle clinic that blends traditional sling rifle marksmanship with American Revolution history. It is a great way to vastly improve your rifle skills and Marion Road hosts two each year.  Pistol Seed is a new program that teaches basic handgun safety, handling and marksmanship in a one day course.


MRGC membership waives the $10 range fee.


Dates for events during the 2022 calendar year include:


22 Jan                1-Day Pistol Shoot

23-24 April        25meter Rifle Shoot

25 June              1-day Pistol Shoot

1-2 October      25meter Rifle Shoot


For the 2 day clinics, adults fees are $75.

Kids <18 and Active duty military and law enforcement fees are $30. 


You use a rifle with a sling and either iron sights or a scope. All shooting is done at 25 yards and round counts for the weekend can get to 300 or above so 22lr is suggested. It is just easier to learn new skills without recoil to deal with. It is preferred to use a rifle with a removable box magazine and you will need 2 magazines. A great rifle for Appleseed is a 10/22 with Tech Sights or a low power scope with a M1 style web sling and 2 10 round magazines.

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