31 OCT 2015, 1030 HRS

Participation: Open to the public. No special skills required.

Cost: FREE--however, generous donations will be graciously accepted and ALL proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. If you CANNOT ATTEND, but WISH TO DONATE, you may send checks made payable to Marion Road Gun Club Inc with "WWP" on memo line. Mail to same, P O Box 777, Macon GA, 31201. We thank you in advance!

Match Overview: Teams will fire at a 2x4 (“stake”) placed at a distance of about 7 yards. Unlimited reloads.

The objective is simple: cut the stake into two distinct pieces in the fastest possible time. For a rough idea of what to expect, see this video:

Teams: Each team will be comprised of 3 members. Shooters may form their own teams or be assigned toone on match day. Each individual will be accommodated as needed and everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

Safety: Ear and eye protection required for all shooters and spectators. No children under 7 and minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions. Cold range unless otherwise directed. Upon arrival, guns must be unloaded and stored securely until directed otherwise. OBI's will be utilized.

Firearms: Any caliber and type of handgun is acceptable, but NO FULL AUTO or pistols firing shotgun shells (such as Taurus Judge). Optics or iron sights may be used, but all will compete within the same category for overall standings. Holsters are not required.

Ammo: Recommend a minimum of 100+ rounds per shooter. Obviously some shooters will need more or
less than others. Shooters may reload as often as needed.

Magazines/Clips: Load magazines or clips PRIOR TO ARRIVAL to save time. Any number of mags/clips of
any capacity may be used.

Time Limit and Scoring: Each team will have two minutes to complete its turn. The team with the shortest time to cut the stake in half wins. Match director is final authority on all disputes.

Armed Forces Teams: USA, USAF, USGC, USMC and USN service members, veterans and/or their relatives may represent a service by shooting on a branch-specific team for bragging rights. A minimum of two teams are required for the Armed Forces team competition. Membership must be requested in advance for planning purposes.

Note: Due to time constraints, brass will be swept into a single pile during the match. Brass may be recovered only after all teams have fired and the match concludes.

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