Sept 23rd 2017 - Next Guns of August

Guns of August Match Program
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Course of Fire: There are 4 matches that day, but you will choose 3 events to shoot in. Each event is worth the same number of total points.

  • Match 1: 100 Yard Military Match - 20 rounds - 5 off your elbows on the bench, 5 rounds sitting rapid fire, standing slow fire, and sitting slow fire on a SR-1 Target.
  • Match 2: The Mad Minute Rifle Match - 20 rounds - 10 rounds in a minute at a BT-5B, twice from the bench off your elbows.
  • Match 3: At The Parapet Rifle Match - 20 rounds - Steel German Solders Silhouettes at 100 and 200 yards in bunkers. 5 rounds a each distance, you keep your best string. Targets are approx. 9¨x13¨
  • Match 4: WWI Pistol Match - 40 rounds for record on a B-8 target at 25 yards slow, timed, and rapid fire.


Rifle and Pistols must be of a type to be used in WW1 (Original or Replicas) - exceptions allowed include 1903A3s, any Mosin-Nagant model and modern 1911s


Match will start at 8am and run most of the day.


All match fees cover lunch ($5 if you are just there for lunch;)
$30 for competitor with own rifle.
Don't have you your own rifle?????
We will have several rifles to loan. Please email to ensure proper supply
$90 total match fee - covers competition, ammunition, and lunch.
Rifle will be either Springfield 1903s or British Enfields 303s. 70 rounds of ammunition will be issued. This allows 10 sighting rounds before the Rifle Match to make sure you are sighted in.

Guns of August



2015 Machine Gun Shoot


Guns of August is a match celebrating World War I firearms. Only WWI era pistols and rifles can be used in this multi-event match. The events include a Military Rifle match (Sitting, Standing, Elbows), a Mad Minute Rifle Match, Parapet Shoot at steel silhouettes of German Soldiers, and a Pistol Match. You choose 3 of the 4 to compete in for a Grand Aggregate score winner. Prizes to be announced.

This is not a CMP or NRA sanctioned match.

All rifles and pistols must be as issued or replica with no accuracy enhancements such as bedding or non-issued sights.

  • Springfield 03 (03A3s also allowed)
  • Mausers of correct time period.
  • Enfields
  • Krag's

Match Director - Kyle Turner

“Human beings, like plans, prove fallible in the presence of those ingredients that are missing in maneuvers - danger, death, and live ammunition.” - The Guns of August