Sept 10th 2016 - Next Guns of August

Guns of August


2015 Machine Gun Shoot


Guns of August is a match celebrating World War I firearms. Only WWI era pistols and rifles can be used in this multi-event match. The events include a Military Rifle match (Sitting, Standing, Elbows), a Mad Minute Rifle Match, Parapet Shoot at steel silhouettes of German Soldiers, and a Pistol Match. You choose 3 of the 4 to compete in for a Grand Aggregate score winner. Prizes to be announced.

This is not a CMP or NRA sanctioned match.

All rifles and pistols must be as issued or replica with no accuracy enhancements such as bedding or non-issued sights.

  • Springfield 03 (03A3s also allowed)
  • Mausers of correct time period.
  • Enfields
  • Krag's

Match Director - Kyle Turner

“Human beings, like plans, prove fallible in the presence of those ingredients that are missing in maneuvers - danger, death, and live ammunition.” - The Guns of August