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As a person that enjoys the shooting sports, we all need to unite and make our voice heard by the lawmakers of this country.  The Marion Road Gun Club is an affliated member of the National Rifle Association as well as the Georgia Sport Shooting Association and we encourage you to join these two associations. Membership to the NRA is now a requirement of membership, as of December, 2011. Membership on the GSSA is also encouraged.

Join the NRA or renew your membership by clicking here to join the NRA.   The Marion Road Gun Club is a NRA Recruiter.  By joining or renewing through us, you can save $10 off membership.

The GSSA is the state level NRA association.  Visit the GSSA homepage by clicking here or join the GSSA by clicking here.


It's also important to keep in touch with bills introduced on the Federal and State level as well.  We encourage you to write your representative and express your thoughts on bills that could impact the shooting sports.

Visit the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) homepage to keep up to date on nationwide front.  For legislative news on the Federal level from the NRA-ILA, click here.  State level news pertaining to Georgia can be obtained by clicking here

Remeber, our elected officals work for us!  We have the right to contact them anytime to express our opinion.  To contact President Obama or Vice President Biden, click here to visit the contact page for the White House.

To write our U.S. Senators, please visit this page by clicking here

House of Representatives can be contacted by clicking here.

The Georgia General Assembly can be contacted by clicking here.

Remember, when writing or calling these representatives, stay civil and calm.  Not doing so would only hurt our cause.

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