General Range Rules


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1.  Actions must be open at all times except when one is in the process of firing. Handguns not in use, must be holstered or in a pistol box, and rifles and shotguns must be in appropriate  range racks.


2. Spectators and non-shooters must be behind the firing line before actions are closed and firing begins. For you own personal protection, be you a shooter or a spectator, use proper hearing and eye protection.


3.  Shooting at objects other than appropriate targets is prohibited. Appropriate targets are paper targets, steel silhouette targets, and clay pigeons (on the shooting range only). Shooting at other targets, glass bottles, old car batteries, and/or concrete blocks, is prohibited and may result in a fine, and/or expulsion from the Club.


4.  No big bore rifles or shotguns are permitted on the pistol range. Your firearm determines the range to be used; i.e. pistol range, shotgun range, or rifle range. The only exception to this rule is that of long-range pistols may be used on the rifle range.


5.       5. Shooting at shotgun shells or other similar small objects attached to the target wires is prohibited. The target cables are spaced approximately 24” apart. Secure a piece of cardboard of this size and staple your  targets thereon in the center. This will minimize the possibility of a shot striking and cutting the cable. The responsibility to mend or repair a cable accidentally shot and cut, lies with the shooter.


6. Shooting at electrical fixtures, gate locks, range support, and similar range property is prohibited and will subject violators not only with expulsion, but also to possible criminal prosecution for the destruction of public property. These properties belong to the Club, and, as a member, you are permitted the use thereof, but not intentional damage or destruction.


7. Upon completion of your firing, remove your target and cardboard from the target cable and either dispose of same in the metal waste barrels and/or take same with you for future use. Do not leave targets dangling on the cable, as they are unsightly and give passersby a bad impression of the shooting fraternity.


8.  Always close the gate after you enter or leave the range, and lock the gate. This will insure that only members with the proper combination are utilizing the Range facilities.


9.  Do not climb over the gate or fence to enter or leave the range. If you have forgotten your combination, then hopefully a fellow member will come by and recognize you as a member in good standing and permit you to enter with him.


10.  Do not discard misfires or live rounds by tossing them in the grass or in the trash containers. This practice could result in serious injury to personal participating in range cleanup while cutting the grass or burning the trash.


11. Use of alcohol, in any form, is absolutely banned. Violators will be expelled from the Club.


12. This range is yours to use.  Keep it neat, clean and safe for your own enjoyment as well as others.


13. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult on the Range.


14. I.D. Badges must be worn by members at all times. Guests must wear their guest badges with sponsor and date fill out.


15. No activity is allowed on the range after sunset.





Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange.

Always treat every gun as if it were loaded.

Always keep your finger out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.

Never put your finger in the trigger guard until firearm is fully extended and pointed downrange.

Never discharge a firearm in such a manner that the point of impact will be outside the perimeter of the range that you are using.

Always inform the firing line when you want to go down range or commence firing, i.e. “downrange” - “line’s hot”.

Always wear ear and eye protection while on firing line. Spectators are also encouraged to wear these protective devices.

Always open actions and unload firearms when someone goes downrange and never handle firearms while there are people downrange.

Never walk along firing line with firearm unless action is open.

When participating in a s hooting event, obey range officers command, if in doubt about command ASK.



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